This week, Billboard’s “You Should Know” video focuses on rap group Shoreline Mafia. Three the four members chat about everything from the origin their band name to which fast food item they would use to describe their music.

“We came up for the name for the band cause we the waviest n—-s out,” Fenix tells Billboard. “And that the wave starts at the shoreline.”

“We were doing a whole lot bad s–t when we met,” he adds with a laugh, explaining how the band first got together. “So we started making music because it just all kind went hand-in-hand, the s–t we was doing and everything… Nobody else was doing what we was doin', so we said we might as well make some music about it.”

Asked who their biggest musical inspirations are, Rob Vicious notes that he likes JAY-Z, J. Cole, Kanye West, and Doja Cat, while Fenix also agrees with those choices and also added Nelly to his list.

The guys also discuss the best fan reactions they have ever received, with Fenix recalling one time he went into a smoke shop and the clerk looked up, noticed him and “screamed at the top her lungs.” His bandmate Rob Vicious, meanwhile, shares that he once got some free McDonald's, adding, “That s–t was popping. I pull up to the window and they say, ‘Rob Vicious!’”

On the subject the fast food chain, when asked to describe their music, Vicious replies by comparing their sound to a McGriddle.

“You know how when you go to McDonald's, right, you get a McGriddle and it's like the perfect pancake bread,” he states. “That's what Shoreline Mafia is: bite into that pancake bread, it's like perfect… When it's like really hot and it's popping.”

You can watch the full video interview with Shoreline Mafia above.