Late last year, Future and Young Thug ended a long-simmering online feud when the two them got together to record the decent-enough collaborative album Super Slimey. And even though both them remain plenty busy, they’ve reassembled a few times for music videos. After making clips for the Super Slimey tracks “All Da Smoke” and “Mink Flow,” they’ve now got a new one for the album closer “Group Home.”

On a not-exactly-emotional album, “Group Home” is the one track that packs any sort gut-level punch: “We stick together like we from the group home.” The video could’ve been Future and Young Thug’s chance to show some the harsh conditions from which they came. Instead, they’ve gone the total opposite direction, as director Gabriel Hart has shown f his best trippy horror-movie imagery.

The “Group Home” video is nothing but a string unexplained, strung-together surreal touches. So: Little kids dance around on the front lawn a mansion. Some them wear creepy white mime masks. Some them wear helmets that crackle with visible lightning/ Crows pick at a deer’s carcass. Young Thug uses a glowing rope to lasso a lady who’s floating up in the air.

It’s all very Alice In Wonderland, albeit rendered through flat internet-rap-video visuals. Watch it below.

This post originally appeared on Stereogum