Following the death 90’s hip-hop star Craig Mack on Monday night (March 12), fellow Bad Boy rappers and, East Coast MC's and DJs have taken to social media to show love. 

Known mainly for his lasting 1994 single “Flava In Your Ear” — which garnered a remix with an added legendary verse from a young Notorious B.I.G. — Mack was briefly a star when he was signed to P. Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment in the early 90’s. He followed up his first single with his debut album, Project: Funk da World, the same year. His second LP, Operation: Get Down, was released three years later, though it didn’t catch on in the way his early projects had. The Long Island rapper eventually left the hip-hop game entirely to devote himself to religion. 

Mack died at the age 46 heart failure in his home in South Carolina on Monday, according to reports, garnering love and respect from FunkMaster Flex, M.I.A., Biz Markie, DJ Scratch, and others in the hip-hop community.