Felony charges against Chris Brown were dropped on Monday (Aug. 19), one year after the singer was arrested following a concert in West Palm Beach, Florida, for an outstanding felony battery charge related to an alleged attack at a nightclub in Tampa in 2017. A courthouse spokesperson told Billboard that the case was dismissed by intervention program.

The singer was accused of punching the club’s photographer, who was reportedly taking pictures of Brown after he’d been told not to. The photographer suffered a split lip, and later went to the hospital and pressed charges.

This is not the only charge Brown has received. In January, he was faced with an aggravated rape allegation from a French woman. Days after he was arrested in Paris, he filed a defamation lawsuit against her.

He also failed to show up at the formal meeting with the victim (along with the other two suspects). After that, her lawyer stated that the singer “has thumbed his nose at and shown disrespect for the French legal system" and that his “failure to appear today is very unfair to my client, but I assure him that my client will not be deterred from seeking justice.”