After a run in the mixtape circuit, this day has been a long time coming for euro. The Young Money signee released his Don't Expect Nothing debut album on Friday (Sept. 20). The 12-track project only features Lil Wayne, as euro sees the effort as a reintroduction to the music world since bursting onto the scene as a Dedication 5 guest.

He credits seeing Wayne's pursuit for perfection in the studio as a trait that's now rubbed off on him. "One of the most helpful habits I’ve gained from Wayne is perfecting the details," euro tells Billboard. "Nothing is ever finished, I’ve watched Wayne edit and tweak songs down to the very last second before being released. Being that much of a perfectionist isn’t too common when it comes to rapping, but understanding that it’s never too late to go back in on a track gives you a certain creative freedom that can keep you away from boxing yourself in musically."

The Dominican artist wants fans to listen closely to the final verse of "More Life, More Luv," where euro opens up and gets as vulnerable as we've ever heard him before. "The last verse on that track is probably one of the most transparent verses I’ve written," he admits. "I was personally speaking to close friends and family during a hard time we all went thru. It was therapeutic for me and I hope its the same for those who hear it."

Stream Don't Expect Nothing below.