After teasing a photo for behind-the-scenes content from his newly released video “River” on Twitter Tuesday afternoon, Eminem freed his Ed Sheeran-assisted visual for his devotees early Wednesday morning (March 14).

Throughout the four-minute clip, director Emil Nava provides a roadmap into the creative process for Em's intense video. “When I got the brief, they were very clear that they wanted to do something that Em hasn't done before,” says Nava. “I thought, 'What if you made a documentary about the meaning the song and then almost blurred the lines reality and fiction.'”

Despite the intensity the video at hand — which deals with the topics infidelity and abortion — Eminem was very much in a jocular mood, tossing jokes at the cameraman in between scenes. At one point, when discussing pregnancy with the lead actress “River,” Em quips, “You know what? I could be the one that's pregnant.”

Last month, Nava spoke to Billboard about his time shooting “River” with Eminem and Sheeran and why it was such an “exciting process.” “I think the song was an amazing story and felt like a real narrative. With my approach I guess I've never really felt like I've seen a documentary about a song before and that's what it became,” he said. 

Watch the footage below: