The Dave Meyers-directed clip is full of movie references.

It's fitting that Ed Sheeran dons about a dozen different wigs in the bananas video for "Antisocial." The Dave Meyers-directed clip for the Travis Scott collab from Sheeran's just-released No. 6 Collaborations Project dropped along with the full album on Friday morning (July 12) and it's the perfect visual for an album that finds Sheeran ping-ponging from rock to pop, Latin and hip-hop.

An homage to a number legendary movies, the video for the trap pop tune plops Sheeran and Scott into a series of wacky situations, opening with Ed wearing Day of the Dead makeup and bugging his eyes out a la Jim Carrey in The Mask. But just as you get used to that scenario, Sheeran sings "I don't mess with your energy/ No photos," and the scene turns to the singer sporting a giant, frizzy ginger wig and vaping like no one is looking as he cradles a lap dog at a swank reception.

The scenes just keep getting weirder from there, from Ed watering the lawn at his mansion — sporting yet another classic long-hair red wig — and getting stung by a bee on his eye, to a tense office scene with a cranky robot, a ride in a PopeMobile getting attacked by birds and a shopping channel interlude during which two women are selling an chocolate "Edible Ed" who does not look comfortable with the situation.

Scott pops in halfway through, flexing shirtless in a neon gym as he raps, "I need room, I need room/ Why you standin' way too close/ You might catch fumes when I zoom, when I zoom," then joining Sheeran on a lighthouse promontory as they peer through giant looking glasses at an approaching ship. Things get hairy for Scott shortly after during a trip to Mars, where he takes off his space helmet and his head explodes and then slips on some Edward Scissorhands blades to conduct delicate pediatric dental surgery.

The clip ends with the pair having an extended, Quentin Tarantino-like conversation about a plate fries in a diner as Ed rocks a "don't touch me" t-shirt that alludes back to the song's chorus. "Antisocial" is the latest song from the album that features collabs with everyone from Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton, to Justin Bieber, Cardi B and Camila Cabello, Chance the Rapper, Eminem and 50 Cent, H.E.R., Khalid, Yebba, Young Thug and more.

Watch the "Antisocial" video below.