With a well-established rapport formed over the years in the limelight, Drake and LeBron James are linking up to take their business relationship to greater heights. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Drizzy has come onboard as part owner and promoter of LBJ's newly expanded digital platform, Uninterrupted Canada. 

For those unfamiliar, Uninterrupted is an athlete empowerment media brand that launched in 2015 and allows players to produce content and connect directly with fans and the public without any middle man. The Canadian branch will be headed by CEO Scott Moore and chief content officer Vinay Virman. 

"When we started Uninterrupted, it was to give athletes a platform where we could share our stories and connect with our fans in a way we never had before," LeBron said press release. "It’s exciting to see that idea now leading a whole new era of athletes around the world feeling empowered to do more and be more."

James and Drake previously connected in 2017 as executive producers of Vince Carter's The Carter Effect documentary. The 6 God also appeared on the Ohio native's The Shop HBO show last October, where he spoke out for the first time about what led to his infamous feud with Pusha T and Kanye West.