Denmark Vessey is gearing up for the release his Sun Go Nova EP next month (April 20), comprised  five tracks eccentric raps strictly produced by Knxwledge and Earl Sweatshirt. On Wednesday (March 21) the cult rap hero premieres the trippy visual to “Trustfall,” which will elicit uneasiness from the chillest viewers. 

The eerie video opens with someone entering a dark apartment building before pivoting to a ceiling fan running on high, with the screen reading, “Another Rap Video By Denmark Vessey” in various fonts. The narrative then introduces the star the video, Jeremy, portraying the role Sweden. The sinister scene switches to the main character sitting down at a desk ghostly staring at an open book with red tape over his mouth. 

The visual interestingly integrates scenes from a 20th-century political cartoon that was way ahead its time. The cartoon plays f the fact that national governments implement various economic and political systems referred to as “isms,” to seize control over and exploit society for the rest time.

The New York City transplant spoke to Billboard about collaborating with the Odd Future member on the track. “Earl is a gracious friend and I am humbled to have worked with him,” the Mello Music Group artist fered. “He reached out and exposed me to his fanbase, I’m forever grateful.”

Check out the hallucinatory “Trustfall” video from Denmark Vessey below. Sun Go Nova releases on April 20.