Hip-Hop artist Damon is making one of the most noticed entries in the music scene with the release of his debut single and music video, “Hustle With A Purpose,” dedicated to the class of 2020 and promoting positivity and hard work. 

The vocal, bass, and percussion lines of this track are pure fire, and intertwined in a surreal manner. This infectiously grooving track comes with a simple message; “Hustle With A Purpose.” The chemistry between the Crushboys and Damon is really fun to listen to, and we truly hope they will continue collaborating on future projects. 

All in all, “Hustle With A Purpose” is a top notch track, with near-perfect instrumentation, arrangements and production. This hybrid and tribal joint comes alongside a music video, and for those who love exposing their dancing skills, just watch the visuals, and participate in the Tik Tok challenge using the hashtag, #hustlewithapurpose. It is noteworthy to mention that all proceeds will be used for offering scholarships to students.