Alabama is known for many great things but over the years it hasn’t traditional been Hip-Hop. Alabama native CuPreme is out to change that.


Recently, Terrell Thomas sat down with CuPreme at the LiveHipHopDaily Studios to discuss his music career, his latest project ‘Trap Classics’ and ‘Trap Classics 2’, his label New Money Productions and more. CuPreme broke down the creative process behind his ‘Trap Classics’ projects and his chemistry with DJ Brad.


CuPreme isn’t just a rap artist, he is an entrepreneur with a plan. CuPreme spoke on his jounrey from Alabama to Atlanta and how his hustle has shaped his career. CuPreme also showed us his personal side. He spoke on life as a Hip-Hop Dad, his favorite cereals and his dream date to the Grammy’s.


The interview was conducted by Terrell Thomas. The interview was shot by Danny Digital.


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