Coming off his highly-praised release “Daydreams” feat Sultan + Shephard, audiences have been anticipating  Cimo Fränkel ’s next move. “World Is Waking Up”, his new music video, finds him at his most skeptical and introspective, and while that’s not out of the ordinary for the Amsterdam based artist, he digs even deeper than anything we’ve seen before in this song, addressing the current state of the world in a brilliantly inspiring and original way.

“World Is Waking”, part of his newly released self-titled album, refers to the world slowly reaching a higher state of consciousness, and how until today, modern societies still haven’t fully understood how to truly build a system that would be fair, just, and unharmful for all. 

Always experimenting with the musical landscapes and textures of his projects, Cimo Fränkel’s “World Is Waking Up” is set to propel him to new heights in the coming months, as we impatiently wait for more music by the talented artist to be released. So just sit back, and feel. 

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