A strong, confident and independent woman is one who has the courage to follow her passion in life completely on her own. A strong woman passionately loves her job and excels at it. Popular Chinese singer and fashion icon 冰BING is one of the most outstanding artists in China. Leaving her marriage after 16 years,  BING broke the traditional Chinese norms. She proved that relationship status has nothing to do with the qualities of a woman. BING knew herself well enough to determine what she needs and wants for herself and go for it with no doubts. BING made it all the way to the US – showing to the world that she has both the voice and the talent needed to succeed as an artist. On top of this, BING has also developed a distinct style in fashion. BING truly took over New York Fashion Week this winter. The industry has noticed BING’s impeccably crafted style, granting her front-row access at some of New York Fashion Week’s biggest shows this season. Son Jung Wan, Yajun, and “one-to-watch” Chromat even dressed her in their designs before seating her front-row.


Well, let us wish BING success and hope that she will pave the way for other female-fronted Chinese actors to make it to international stage encouraging them to believe that reaching success is not and has never been beyond one’s own reach.


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