Chicago rapper Saba released his second studio album CARE FOR ME on Thursday (Apr. 5), and he enlisted the vocal assistance his peer and friend Chance the Rapper.

Back in 2013, Chance featured Saba on his mixtape, Acid Rap, and then again on Chance's following debut studio album, Coloring Book, two years later. Now, the tables have turned, as Chance lends a verse to track seven on CARE FOR ME: an analytical, introspective ditty called “LOGOUT.”

“LOGOUT” is a discourse on the isolating effects that result from social media obsession. Over a juxtaposition a fluttering jazz piano paired with a thudding bass, Saba spits verses that ring painfully true to social media addicts, although he doesn't deny being guilty himself.

Chance echoes Saba's points: “Everything's on camera, everything's on camera/ Everybody want handouts, everybody got pamphlets.” As the track ends abruptly, listeners are left to think more critically how they perceive and use social media themselves.

Saba commences a national headlining tour this spring, before coming home to perform at Chicago's Pitchfork Music Festival in July. Listen to “LOGOUT” below.