Cardi B was a natural when she took on the duties late night co-host on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on April 10. She cracked jokes; she performed a track f her new album, Invasion Privacy, and she kept Fallon, the Roots, the audience and viewers at home on their toes throughout. 

In short: She killed it, and it's impossible to pick just one notable moment from her time in Studio 6B with Fallon & Co. In addition to her opening monologue with Fallon to her performance “Money Bag,” here's a rundown Cardi's clips from The Tonight Show

Cardi talks touring plans with Bruno Mars (and Baby, too): After considering that the “strength the fetus” is partially responsible for her current world takeover and sharing her insane schedule (“I'm doing it all until I give birth!”), she announced that her tour with her partner in “Finesse” will proceed as planned. “I'm doing the Bruno Mars tour, and I'm taking my baby with me!”

She would've gotten away with hiding her pregnancy completely “if it wasn't for the meddling paparazzi”: Much like Old Man Withers in any given Scooby Doo episode, Cardi stressed that she was down to keep her baby bump a secret up through delivery. “I never really wanted to reveal that I had a baby,” she said. “I just wanted to hide it 'til the end. Ahhh! I could've gotten away with it if it wasn't for the meddling paparazzi.”

She goes on to give the viewers at home a primer on her personal glossary, pronunciation guide and all.

John Mulaney gave her a “Cardi-G,” her first baby gift, and then she dished on her prom: Well, she sort dished on her prom: It's unclear as to whether or not Cardi bought a limo or just hopped into one, but we do know that her date ditched her at the last minute and she suspects it was because he didn't want to pay for a stretch.

She blessed a fan's voicemail with a personal message: She not only told a fan, Angel, that he looked like Drake and blew up Fallon's spot about the lack Dunkin' Donuts, she's now the voice callers here when they hit Angel's voicemail.

She practiced her bedtime storytelling skills: Fallon gave her a couple children's books for the nursery, including Go the F–k to Sleep, and Cardi read a few pages the book (with the Roots backing her with a lullabyified version “Bodak Yellow,” naturally).