Cardi B brought her A-game for her stint as co-host The Tonight Show alongside Jimmy Fallon.

The record-setting hip-hop star and mom-to-be immediately settled in for a night fun and games as she chatted with guests, played a round “Box Lies,” performed a new number and reeled f the jokes, with president Donald Trump a big target. 

“I’m making history tonight,” she said at the top Monday's monologue. “I’m the first last-night co-host who’s not a white guy.” In a segment dubbed, “what’s up with that coat,” Cardi and Fallon unloaded on Trump, with the former landing the best blows. “It looks like they put his butt implants on the wrong side,” she said. 

The Bronx rapper looked at home behind Fallon’s desk and sat on his “special chair,” relegating the regular host to a stool. It was Cardi B’s third appearance on the late-night show, her first with a baby bump. “I don’t know if it’s the strength the fetus,” she explained, “but I have never felt so hungry to succeed.”

Cardi, who is engaged to Offset Migos, confirmed her pregnancy just 48 hours earlier, on Saturday Night Live. Tonight Show guest John Mulaney, the stand-up comedian and actor, showed his knack for timing by handing out a gift for the baby, a tiny cardigan, course. 

Cardi is heading for a No. 1 bow on the Billboard 200 chart with her first studio album, Invasion Privacy, which dropped April 6 The KSR Group/Atlantic Records. If it starts at the top, Cardi will become just the fifth female rap artist to do so. And she gave it the best possible chance with a late-night performance  album track “Money Bag.”

Privacy, which features the Billboard Hot 100 chart-leader “Bodak Yellow,” could start with between 160,000 and 210,000 equivalent album units earned in the week ending April 12.

Watch her TV debut performance “Money Bag” below.