New York, NY – Vast Aire revealed his mother and father were both battling serious health issues last month. But sadly his mother, Valerie Y. Grant, didn’t make it.

On Wednesday (April 8), the Cannibal Ox MC told GroovyTracks Grant died after suffering complications from a stroke. Grant passed away at The Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City on Tuesday (April 7).

“She went down March 4, was in the ICU, woke up for a week and then couldn’t breathe,” Vast Aire tells DX. “Her body shut down. My mother was a hard worker. I might not have had every toy or every game system, but I had a meal every night and I had values that were taught to me and my siblings. I get all of my genius from my mother. She graduated high school at 16 and attended Tuskegee College. We were blessed just to get that last week with her.”

Now, the Hip Hop vet has launched a GoFundMe to help with funeral expenses. As explained in the description, Grant had insurance, but it wasn’t much.

“Myself and my family are struggling to have a proper funeral service for my mother,” he wrote. “It was her wishes that we would celebrate her life and we would have her body cremated. Her ashes would be sent to our grandmother and we would have a basic respectful service. Due to the Covid 19 Virus, we might not be able to have a service during these times but in the future we always could once it was safe.”

Cannibal Ox MC Vast Aire Launches GoFundMe To Pay For Mother's Funeral

Vast Aire Reveals His Parents Are Fighting For Their Lives

He continued, “We are asking for donations to help out with the cremation process which could easily be $3,000 or more. My Mother did have an insurance policy, but it was small and we’re going to have to track them down and they’re not going to pay out until July and it will at least be 2 to 3 months before pay out. God Bless All of you who can help in these hard times.”

While the coronavirus pandemic has brought everyday life to a screeching halt, it gave birth to a surge in creativity. On Memorial Day (May 25), Vast Aire plans to re-release Live From The Aireport and keep things moving.

DX sends our condolences to Vast Aire’s family. To donate to the GoFundMe, head here.