Cal Scruby is currently hard at work finishing up his untitled mixtape, which is expected to feature vocals and production strictly from fellow Ohio artists and release later this summer. The Long Story Short rapper set the tone for 2018 last month (March 14) calling on the legendary Redman to power his latest single. On Tuesday (April 10), the pair bring “Do Or Die” to life with the help several cameos to craft the cinematic visual Billboard premiere.

The Arrad Rahgoshay-directed video is shot from the perspective  a movie set with comedian Lamorne Morris playing the role the film's director. The raw clip kicks f with actor Michael Rapaport questioning the premise a music video from a white rapper, talking his trash per usual. The former Ohio State Buckeye and Redman then fall f the set's ro due to gusting winds in the area. After being discovered by an unnerved Chanel West Coast on the ground, the duo reincarnates to exchange bristling rhymes from “Do Or Die.”

Speaking exclusively to Billboard behind the narrative's inspiration, Scrubs admitted to coming up with the idea during a shower after smoking some marijuana. “My team is really incredible. We had a couple ideas for the video but I was taking a shower one day and I was high, which is the best combination, and I thought about this cover art that Chase Grizzly had made with our skulls and I was like, 'What if we died?' We do this all independently and it’s amazing we’re able to create shit like this with virtually no budget,” he explains.

The Malpractice MC tells Billboard that he didn't meet Cal until after he laid his verse down but was a huge fan the visual's concept. “The video is freaking dope. We had some major players in it and they weren't standing around just doing cameos,” the 47-year-old quips. “They actually had placement in the video. The video is exciting and has substance. Great vibe and a fun cast.”

Check out the video to “Do Or Die” below.