Bow Wow became a laughing joke on social media after a series questionable moves. His alleged fibs triggered fans to launch the #BowWowChallenge, which mimicked his stunts. Although the rapper may have been on the negative end the joke at the time, he has plans to capitalize f it now. Bow Wow is reportedly working on turning his viral hashtag into a television series.

The “Yeaahh” artist shared the news with DJ Drama on the Streetz Is Watchin' radio earlier this week (the episode was published on YouTube on April 1). During the conversation, he urged fans to continue to use the hashtag as promotion for the series. “I need them to continue to do it because I have a show coming,” he admits. “It’s confirmed.”

The Ohio artist also revealed how he first found out that he was trending. Apparently, his mother broke the news to him after he posted the fraudulent photo him boarding a private jet in May 2017. “My mom hits me first. I was in New York doing press for Growing Up Hip Hop season one. ‘What the f–k did you do?’ I’m in the hotel watching the game. I’m chillin’. What are you talking about,” he recalled.

Unfortunately, Bow Wow did not drop anymore hints regarding the show’s format or premiere date. The rapper did post a message on social media, saying that he turned a “f–k up into a million dollars.” So it seems that Bow Wow is making quite the pocket change from his public scandals.

Check out the full interview with Bow Wow and DJ Drama below.

This article was originally published by Vibe.