B Menace and Hollywood Quis, who stand behind skilled rap duo Bossed Up Camp, have just released brand new visuals to pair their latest track “New Shit,” feat. Wody. The hot music video captures the rappers, and Wody, playing around with some fine girls, cars, and cash, displaying their lavish lifestyle to the world. Their innate talent and charisma are fully on display on “New Shit,” a joint exuding confidence thanks to their flow arsenal. 


“New Shit” is produced by Superstar Beats, and despite all the challenges that 2020 brought the world, it is obvious Bossed Up Camp are more driven than ever, making their way to the top with a rare ambition. All the elements are there to resonate powerfully with the fans, while 2020 seems to be the year of opportunities for the new rap duo to take over the game.