The Denver, Colorado-based artists Johnny Noble and Amber Alexander who stand behind the project Blakk Mantra, unleashed their latest piece of work, an EP titled Welcome To El Rey Blvd. 


As the press release notes: Their vivid imagination translates beautifully in the details of their music, like on the EP title for Welcome To El Rey Blvd that was inspired from a 1950’s crime novel where the kingdom of El Rey is somewhat of a surreal paradise. Blakk Mantra applied this to their stargazing idealism to create a reality of their own. As the world faces uncertainty through recent challenges, their message of hope, self-empowerment and love are more necessary than ever.


Blakk Mantra delivered an outstanding performance and within only two tracks they took listeners to their own universe of heavy sounds, riffles, drums, and well-balanced lyrics. “Queen Of Infinite Space” and “Perhaps We Will Live” are examples of well delivered contemporary rock tunes inspired by Arctic Monkeys, and Queens of the Stone Age, but sparked with a new wave approach of composing tracks, and indie vibe.