Korean hip-hop artist Bizzy released a new music video Thursday (April 25) for his song “Distance,” his first song of the year.

A lo-fi tune about the hardships of interacting with others and keeping “distance” between relationships, the single comes more than a year since the rapper’s last song, “ooh ah,” featuring BiBi. It is the first of several singles Bizzy plans to release before the end of 2019.

A music video for "Distance" features Bizzy roaming on his own through a variety of settings, addressing the camera directly as hazy coloring enhances the backdrop of a vibrant cityscape. The atmospheric cinematography enhances the track's ambient feel as the flow becomes increasingly belligerent before eventually turning into a gruff, haunting taunt of the lyrics “Do I only have angels? We all got demons/ Don’t awake my demons!” before one final rendition of the “You do you, I’ll do me” chorus.

"Distance" was released through Feel Ghood Music, the label fronted by Tiger JK and Yoonmirae; the pair and Bizzy have performed in the past together as MFBTY. Late last year, Bizzy was featured on multiple tracks on Tiger JK’s final album using his Drunken Tiger moniker, Drunken Tiger X : Rebirth of Tiger JK.

Watch the music video for Bizzy’s “Distance” here: