Bhad Bhabie was the latest guest to make an appearance Comedy Central's Lights Out With David Spade on Tuesday night (Sept. 10). The teenage rapper isn't one to mince her words, as she stepped in to defend Nicki Minaj, before giving her take on how Minaj should've handled Cardi B's rapid ascension. 

"You gotta give Nicki her props though," Bhabie stated. "Nicki was running this shit before anybody." Comedian Donnell Rawlings then chimed in to repeatedly let everyone know that he believes Minaj's run in hip-hop has come to an end. 

The "Hi Bich" artist believes that maybe Nicki should have taken a different approach in embracing Cardi B, when the Bronx native began her run of chart domination. "No one told her to get salty," she said. "If she took Cardi under her wing and been like, 'Yeah, that's my bitch.' She didn't have to be all, 'Ugh. I can't stand another bitch taking my spot.' Like sit your salty ass down and just deal with it."

Watch the entire clip below.