In the midst of the famed Dreamville sessions back in January, Bas took a quick flight to the NPR offices of Washington D.C. to perform for their Tiny Desk concert series. The Dreamville rapper zoomed through a 14-minute set, which finally released on Monday (Aug. 5), and included four cuts from his 2018 Milky Way album. 

Backed by a four-piece live band and soothing vocalist to help power the medley performance, the Queens-bred MC kicked off his set in a camo jacket with the Ron Gilmore-produced "Barack Obama Special," who was actually on the keys behind Bas.

The 32-year-old made sure to clarify that the lyrics were dissing former neighbors, and he's got a ton of love for Peggy, who recently moved in next door. "My new neighbor's mad cool. So shout out to Peggy. I don't want you to think I'm dissing you, Peggy. Peggy be picking up my mail when I'm on tour," he said. 

Bas finished-up with Milky Way's "Purge," "Designer," and project standout "Tribe," which features vocal and production contributions from J. Cole. His live performance does not disappoint, as the luscious vocals and instrumentation translates from the studio version of his third LP. 

Watch the Tiny Desk concert below.