The single is f her long-teased project ‘Fantasea 2: The Second Wave.’

Azealia Banks released her house-tinged “Anna Wintour” today (April 6), the latest single f her long-teased project Fantasea II: The Second Wave. The track is vastly different from Banks' other work and plays out like an eerie underground dance song.

“This song was written to embody the feeling felt when you connect with the universe,” Banks said in a press release. That's directly evidenced in her lyrics: “I’m so cold, I’m so grown, I’m so real life/ As the valley fills with darkness, shadows chase and run around (I can make them stop for me).”

The track is a follow-up to her single “Movin On Up.” In a now-deleted Instagram post, Banks originally tried to recruit Melanie Brown the Spice Girls and Nicki Minaj for “Anna Wintour,” although neither them seemed to take interest. 

Fantasea 2: The Second Wave still has no release date, but judging by the sounds both singles, Banks plans on taking this album in a house-inspired direction.

Check out the song below: