Ouch! Things took a bit of a dark turn when Amy Lee, the frontwoman of Evanescence, showed off her home studio in an exclusive video on Billboard’s Instagram Saturday (June 20).

As part of Billboard‘s “My Top 10” series, the rock vocalist shared some of the favorite things she keeps around when she’s making music, and quite a few were throwback items to her youth. As she kicked off the at-home tour, Lee pointed out that what’s in her creative space is “part audio gear and part ’80s toy collection, because that’s who I am and that’s how I roll.”

Among the fancy equipment and instruments was a Mickey Mouse lamp from her childhood bedroom minus the lampshade — and his heart. “I had forgotten there was this other light besides the one on top that’s inside Mickey, so put a light bulb in there and, like, flip the switch the other way — he glows! And that’s so cool!” the rocker shared. “So I did it. I put the light bulb in there … turned it on. I unfortunately, I guess, I used a bulb that was too hot or whatever; came out here and realized I had burned a hole in Mickey’s heart.” Oops!

While the classic Disney character got his heart singed, other relics from Lee’s childhood made it out a little better. She showed off her collection of Care Bears, which were stuffed into a ceiling lamp. “They shoot love straight outta their guts!” the musician enthused. “I need the Care Bears. We ALL need the Care Bears!”

Her No. 1 most important item in her home studio was, like the colorful stuffed teddy bears, from the ’80s. Find out what it is, as well as what weapon she keeps around while she’s drawing upon her creative juices by watching Lee’s full IGTV video below.