Australian singer-songwriter Ali Barter is having a reckoning with her New Year’s resolutions in the visual for her latest single “January,” premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Sept. 10). 

In the visual, Barter finds herself fixed in place at the edge of a pool on the bad side of an all-night rager. As the party continues, a backwards tracking shot brings the full picture into view with Barter lamenting about the monotony and inertia of her present state. Paired with the song’s deliberately sluggish build, Barter’s angsty indifference builds into a cathartic payoff when the ball drops at the song’s grungy conclusion. 

“‘January’ is my ‘F-you’ to New Year’s resolutions,” Barter tells Billboard. “I find myself, every year, trying to change into somebody else, and it never works. January is a month I find really depressing…[it] feels like a new beginning every year, but I'm just the same person, on some mission that will just end up with me faced with myself again."

Luckily for Barter, 2019 might just prove to be the year that breaks the cycle, or at least creates a better one. With her sophomore album Hello, I’m Doing My Best only a month away, Barter seems to be looking back while moving forward, all while setting up for a new year worth repeating. 

Hello I’m Doing My Best arrives on Oct. 18 via Inertia Music/PIAS while Barter is in the midst of a fall tour. Tickets and tour dates can be found on her website here

Check out the video for “January” below.