After moving to L.A., Alamo Records signee Jaalid is hoping to make a splashy impact with his debut album It's Not That Bad, premiering today (July 15) on Billboard.

The young hyphenate dazzles throughout his 11-track offering with his smooth AutoTuned delivery. His penchant for sticky hooks gleams on tracks such as "I Go," "Knicks Game" and "Lately." For Jaalid, It's Not That Bad has allowed him to live life with aplomb rather than dwell on the past. 

"The concept of this album is accepting that the past has already happened and the future doesn't exist yet," he tells Billboard. "Over the span of creating this album, I signed to a label and moved to L.A. But somehow this wasn't enough, and I still craved more success. I was constantly overthinking things."

Jaalid then took a step back from that lifestyle, and found ways to ground himself. "I feel as though I'm finally learning how to live in the present moment. Putting this album together helped me review this journey and brought me way closer to peace," he adds.

Listen to It's Not That Bad below.