Ali Shaheed Muhammad A Tribe Called Quest (along with longtime Tribe associate Consequence) stopped by Sway in the Morning on Tuesday (March 13) to promote the group's capsule collection in collaboration with Pharrell's Billionaire Boys Club, but also shared some strong thoughts when it came to their Grammy Awards snub.

Consequence began by rehashing Q-Tip's verbal assault against the Grammys back in November last year where he posted a series Instagram videos letting his frustration out after their 2016 album was left f the nominations list, “It's the last fuckin' Tribe album and y'all n—-s don't give us no nominations? Y'all n—-s is corny. Fuck y'all Grammy n—-s. Fuck y'all. I'm tired biting my tongue all the time and being nice and shit,” he said. 

“Just to be honest with y'all, I thought we was going home with the statue,” he confidently claimed after the success  We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service.

Sway Calloway then pivoted to play a previously recorded conversation he had with Grammy Chair Emeritus Jimmy Jam: “There are five records in each category. If you were doing a top ten list albums A Tribe Called Quest] would probably be in there. The other thing I would say to Q-Tip] is to remember ATCQ] was on the Grammys last year. In many ways, that is just as relevant than getting the actual nomination,” he explained. 

Ali felt disrespected by Jimmy Jam's comments. “To say that the group performed and that should be your consolation prize, I think is very disrespectful to the art that you put forth,” he fered.

“They fucked up,” Consequence boldly claimed. “Anybody who comes back 18 years after a hiatus and performs the year before, naturally you would assume that I should have something on my mantle in 12 months,” the Queens native concluded.

ATCQ unveiled their capsule collection with Billionaire Boys Club on Tuesday (March 13), which is now available for purchase. The Tribe has also started teasing the group's final music video, for “The Space Program.”

Check out the in-depth conversation on Sway in the Morning, as well as a preview the upcoming Warren Fu-directed video below.