A R I Z O N A are set to play an intimate show in Manhattan's Clinton Hall tonight (July 22) in collaboration with Seamless/Grubhub in celebration of its 20th anniversary. 

The only way fans are able to score tickets to the event is by entering here; for those who can't make it, the performance will also be livestreamed via Seamless' social channels. Those who tune in will also have the chance to win free food. 

A R I Z O N A recently released their dreamy new single "Nostalgic," which is the second catchy tune to come from their forthcoming sophomore album, following "Find Someone." They have a couple of upcoming tour dates which can be found here.

As they gear up for the show, the band tells Billboard about what fans can expect tonight, as well as their favorite late-night snacks to order on Seamless/Grubhub. Spoiler alert: They love pizza.

Why partner with Seamless for this exclusive concert?

We love food, and have been using Seamless on the road and at home for years! The chance to curate an event for our fans the combined two our greatest passion was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up and we’re very excited!

Can you share what songs you’ll be performing?

No spoilers! But don’t go Freaking Out, the set will be filled with some older songs that’ll have you feeling Nostalgic and new ones so you’ll definitely Find Some(one) of your favorite songs on the set!

Will you have any surprise guests?

Well, Nate our guitarist just had hand surgery a week ago so we have our good friend Yusuke of Night Lights filling in! Depending on how Nate feels he might jump in for a song… who knows! 

Why are you excited to be performing an intimate show in NYC?

As cool as playing massive rooms and arenas is, there will always be something special about playing a small intimate space with just your closest friends, family, and fans. It provides us a way to interact and meet the people that come out in a way that we are never afforded otherwise.

What is your favorite Seamless order?


What is your favorite late night order?

Two pizzas.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure order?

One pizza with sausage and one pizza with extra pepperoni, cheesy bread, buffalo wings, and a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream.