On Friday (March 9), Bruno Mars' music became the target cultural appropriation debates all over social media. Many celebrities including 9th Wonder took to Twitter to defend Bruno and question the validity the original claims. The super-producer fired f a series tweets exposing the loopholes in the argument against Mars on Monday (March 12).

“I’ve made boom-beats..forever…there’s still a large part the population people saying 'no one wants to hear old school 90s sounding hip-hop.' I continue to stay on my path, knowing that there is generation people that needs to be exposed to the feeling,” he began tweeting early Monday (March 12) morning. 

The 43-year-old went on to explain the difference between appropriation and influence, “Influence…..INFLUENCE….for all the kids that grew up with me in the era post-segregation, for every 40-year-old White, Puerto Rican, Asian, and any other ethnicity you can think …to know about all the same music from Das Efx, To New Edition, To Guns and Roses,” he wrote.

Wonder later addressed Bruno specifically during the barrage tweets, “So is it Bruno Mars fault that…he was influenced by BabyFace, Teddy Riley, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis…around the same time from a hip-hop side I was influenced by DJ Premier, Pete Rock, and The Beatminerz? This is a Sociology study on influence and exposure,” he questioned.

If Black culture, which he claims to be the most powerful cultural element in the world, is to go mainstream the North Carolina native explains that people need to realize the impact it's going to have on future generations, “So…the most powerful cultural element in the world….black culture….some y’all want it to be mainstreamed but not to influence….you want it to be RECOGNIZED and BLASTED for everyone to see, but not thinking about its casualties,” 9th says.

'We have Vibraunium,” the producer concludes, referencing the uniquely powerful fictional metal from the Black Panther universe. “Should we keep it in Wakanda?” 

Check out 9th Wonder's Twitter rant in its entirety below.