6lack arrived with his new video for "Seasons," featuring Khalid, on Friday (Aug. 9), and it's absolutely stunning. 

The gorgeous visual is nostalgic, portraying a vintage glow and various summer loves. We see different pairings of people — like a mother and child, a father and daughter, and couples old and young. Khalid performs as he sits in the grass as he reminisces on relationships.

"Have you ever looked at someone and said 'I could spend my whole life with ya'?/ You're lucky the greatest thing I could do is marry you/ 'Cause if I could, I spill my blood," 6lack admits, as we see the rapper with his partner.

"Seasons" is from 6lack's critically acclaimed sophomore album East Atlanta Love Letter, released in September of last year; it reached No. 1 on the Billboard R&B Albums chart. 

Watch the beautiful video below.