SZA’s “Broken Clocks” carries a nostalgic feel with plenty easter eggs for fans to discover.

Released Thursday (Mar. 29) the video takes us on a journey to Camp CTRL with a few twists along the way. Her video opens with a rendering the famous “Wake up” scene from Spike Lee’s School Daze with the same hazy videography seen in most 90s productions. “Broken Clocks” is the latest track f CTRL to get visuals, with the most recent being the Solange-directed “The Weekend.”

“Broken Clocks” is proven to be a fan favorite thanks to it’s very well thought out video.

Check out some the easter eggs you might’ve missed from the video below.

-intro by Lola Jacobs. 


1. Camp CTRL is a reference to her platinum album and a key to her dream since she’s in control it all. She also directed to video with Dave Free the little homies.

This article was originally published by Vibe.