“It’s been a landslide for a long time,” Burna Boy coo’s to the overly excited press in his latest video for “Way Too Big.”

The Afro-fusion crooner has been on an unstoppable hot streak for the last few years, exploding to international fame that has since garnered 2 Grammy nominations, a coveted slot at Coachella, and universal acclaim. All of this has made him a star and the face of the budding afro-fusion movement around the world.

In “Way Too Big” the newest single from Twice As Tall, Burna Boy showcases his life as a massive superstar, with endorsements and billboards flooding him at every turn. Confident and assured, Burna Boy takes the exploding fame with ease, relaying the song’s underlying sentiment that he is just too big for his own good, but that he takes it in stride.

Throughout the album rollout, Burna has made it a goal to depict different models of African youth leadership and to use his music to help unify the continent. On Twice as Tall, he commentates throughout on multiple injustices plaguing Africa, but on “Way Too Big,” he merely celebrates his astounding fame and has no intention of stopping his run anytime soon. “Because I’m way too smart,” he calls out, “way too smart to be falling in your trap.”

Check out the video below:

Burna Boy – Way Too Big [Official Music Video]


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