In what has been an absolutely disastrous roll-out week, Sony announced early this morning that it would be removing Cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation Store.

Negative reviews and poor performance complaints have trailed CyberPunk 2077 since its release on December 10th, and Sony’s pull of the highly-anticipated RPG is just the latest dramatic development for a game that has been steeped in obscene glitches since the day of its launch, (let’s not forget that people are still seeing characters dicks.)

CD Projekt Red, the Warsaw game studio, said on Friday that the choice to “temporarily suspend” sales was a mutual decision between Sony and Projekt Red. “According to our knowledge, starting today, everyone who is not willing to wait for updates and wants to refund their digital copy of the game can do so by submitting a request,” they wrote.

All you have to do is go to Sony’s website and request a refund.

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CD Projekt Red added an apology for not previewing the game on last-gen consoles before releasing it to the public. “We should have paid more attention to making it play better on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One,” they said in a statement.

The game has been cited as being practically unplayable on last-gen consoles, a problem the developer is hoping to fix with large patches by January or February, but it remains to be seen whether players can wait that long for a game they’ve already waited eight years to play.

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