Episode 4 Unsolved opens swift and sternly with two simultaneous arrests; one successful and one failed.

The first and ultimately effective arrest happens in 1997 as detective Poole and detective Fuller apprehend David Mack — the LAPD ficer closely associated with Death Row Records who robbed a bank at gun point. The second attempted (and botched arrest takes place in 2006 with Officer Greg Kading and Officer Daryn Dupree pursuing known Crip, con-man and potential Biggie shooter Corey Edwards.

After multiple stakeout nights and a stealthy car tailing, the desperate ficers come up empty handed. Luckily, they bounce back by rooting through the suspect’s trash to find his daughter’s birthday party invite — finally leading them to his whereabouts.

Before proceeding with said arrest, a flashback to 1993 depicts the events that shined a negative light on Tupac for the remainder his career; his charge for sexual abuse. After talking business with Haitian Jack in a New York City hotel room, Tupac invites clubgoer and seemingly casual acquaintance Ayanna Jackson (Aliyah Imani Turner) to the hotel where she screams that she was raped minutes after arriving. Police immediately apprehend Tupac, along with Haitian Jack, and the other unsavory characters Biggie warned him about.

Fast forward to 1997 and detective Poole out nowhere gets thrown f the Biggie murder case. When Lieutenant Paul Larson (Michael Harney) firmly says, “I’m taking you f the Christopher Wallace case,” the defeated look in Poole’s eyes shows the passion an ficer who didn’t consider it “just another gangster killing” and genuinely wanted to find the truth. As Poole gets reassigned to finding who David Mack’s bank robbery accomplices were, detective Miller stays on the Biggie case but with a new lead in mind; Biggie’s widow, Faith Evans.

When Faith makes her first appearance about halfway through the episode, everything appears to be going in a remarkably positive direction for Biggie. He is shown ripping a Hot97 freestyle alongside Funk Flex, getting championed at nightclubs, and most importantly, sparking serious romance with Faith herself. Tupac, on the other hand, battles with his legal woes and shaky relationships with Haitian Jack’s devious crew.

Despite being told to stay f the Biggie case, and practically demoted to the David Mack/bank robbery case, detective Poole discovers that the two cases are intrinsically linked together. Valid clue after valid clue leads Poole to believe Biggie’s shooter was a man named Amir Muhammed — but to Poole’s utter disappointment, Lieutenant Larson still doesn’t buy into the evidence.

The episode ends with Tupac’s infamous non-fatal shooting at NYC’s Quad Studios. After getting shot and robbed in the lobby, Tupac drenched in blood, hauls his way to Biggie’s recording floor, lights a cigarette and demands  the money he’s owed from Jimmy Henchman. It’s a scene so jaw-dropping that it will undoubtedly take the series to a much deeper and darker place.