Monkeys are amazing.

They look like little furry people, but some of them have tails, and they climb around in trees and making fun noises. They’re curious, mischievous, and clever. What’s not to like? So of course they deserve a special holiday to celebrate them.

Well, it turns out Monkey Day is December 14th. In other words…today. But don’t worry if you haven’t started celebrating yet. It’s not too late. Let these 12 amazing monkey videos get you started.

Monkey and Cat are Best Friends

Is there anything better than unusual animal friendships?

Baby monkey Avni couldn’t keep up with her family after she lost her arm and was soon abandoned. But what could have been a heartbreaking story turned into a happy one when Avni was rescued and met a cat named Billo who became her surrogate mother. Now, the two are inseparable.

Oh, the feels…

A Monkey Playing with Puppies

This baby monkey has two puppies to play with, and the trio seem like they’re having an amazing time chasing each other around. You will never have as much fun as these three tiny animals.

Monkey Riding a Pig

This baby monkey and tiny pig “stick together like magnets.” They zoom around the animal sanctuary where they live, and Mongi the monkey has no interest in letting go — nor does the pig seem like it would want that.

And it honestly looks incredibly comfortable. Anyone know where I can get a giant boar to ride around on?

Baby Monkey Gets a Bath

If you thought this was all going to be baby monkeys hanging out with other animals, you were wrong… It’s also monkey’s taking baths.

This video is from the Vervet Monkey Foundation in South Africa. They rescue vervet monkeys and get them ready to be released into the wild, but not before they get a bath.

Snow Monkeys Having a Soak

Speaking of monkeys in baths, these Japanese Macaques — also known as snow monkeys — love a good soak. For decades they have been enjoying the warm waters of the hot springs in Yamanouchi, Japan. It’s become a cultural tradition passed down from one generation to the next with complex social rules and lots of grooming.

But mostly it’s a bunch of very chill monkeys who know the value of a hot tub on a cold day.

Tiny Monkey Getting Clean

Oh my god! It’s so tiny! And it’s holding a little stuffed animal! And it makes tiny little monkey noises!

A Monkey Goes Exploring

Have you ever seen a guy in an unbuttoned polo shirt and thought, “I just want to dive in there.” No? Well this monkey did, and she wasn’t about to let your weird Puritanical repression hold her back. She just climbed right in.

It looks incredibly ticklish, but also like the new top item on my bucket list.

A Monkey Sees a Magic Trick

This monkey should be in the audience of every magic show. Best reaction ever.

Monkeys Know About Fairness

Equal pay for equal work! It’s such a good and obvious principle that even monkeys recognize it. So when one of the monkeys in this experiment is rewarded with a grape while the other one gets a piece of cucumber…the rage is unleashed.

Baby Monkeys Playing

This is a video of baby monkeys. And the baby monkeys are playing. Is that not enough for you?!

Baby Snow Monkey Goes Exploring

This baby snow monkey has the sweetest eyes. Watch it explore its world.

Baby Monkey and a Baby Duckling

Should a baby monkey really be dressed up in a little outfit, hanging out with a duckling? Maybe not, but the part of your brain that thinks about those things should turn off pretty quickly when you see them cuddling. So soft!

Mysterious Monkey Enjoys a Banana

What kind of monkey is this? That’s not clear, but it’s enjoying a banana, so…definitely a monkey.

Now go get a banana of your own and get celebrating before Monkey Day is over!

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