Now that fans have been able to digest The Weeknd's new EP My Dear Melancholy, for a few hours, people have begun speculating who the XO crooner was targeting on some  his records. 

Not one to drop names, The Weeknd peppered several subliminal shots throughout his emo-charged EP. According to his fans on Twitter, some perceived his intro, “Call Out My Name” as his way taking aim at his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Lines such as, “I almost cut a piece myself for your life,” and “Guess I was just another pit stop /'Til you made up your mind /You just wasted my time,” caused a stir on Twitter.

“SELENA PUT ABEL THROUGH IT,” wrote one vexed fan. Another Abel loyalist dug deeper into his relationship with Gomez and speculated that he was willing to give up his kidney for her transplant last year. “Broooooo The Weeknd put Selena on blast when he said, “I almost cut a piece myself for your life”…does that mean this dude was gonna give you his damn kidney??? And you leave him like dat???,” tweeted @maddsssness. 

Fans also parsed “Wasted Times” and opined that The Weeknd was not only addressing Gomez, but possibly his other ex, supermodel, Bella Hadid. “'Wasted Times' basically said Selena Gomez wasn’t shit & The Weeknd misses Bella Hadid heavy,” said @DallassVeryOwn. A user seconded that theory, and claimed The Weeknd “WAS THINKING ABOUT BELLA THROUGHOUT THE RELATIONSHIP,” adding, “I DONT WANNA HEAR Y'ALL BASHING SELENA BYE.”

On the same song, The Weeknd uses a sexual innuendo about horse riding. “And I know right now that we're not talkin'/ I hope you know this dick is still an option/ I'll take my time to learn the way your body functions/ You were equestrian, so ride it like a champion,” he belts. “WASTED TIMES' IS ABOUT BELLA AKSKAKSKSK “you are equestrian so ride it like a champion” YALL KNOW THAT BITCH BE RIDING HORSES AND SHT AJSWKSJK,” read one tweet, pointing out that Hadid is an equestrian. 

The Weeknd and Hadid broke up in November 2016 after dating for 18 months. As for his relationship with Gomez, E! reported that the two began dating in January 2017 before fizzling out in October that year. 

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