Late Thursday night, The Dark Knight R&B, The Weeknd, made good on his promise and released his new project, My Dear Melancholy.

After sources told Billboard that the singer was going “back to his roots” sonically, fans pondered if the XO singer would eliminate the glitzy production from his 2016 album Starboy and tap back into his dark side that was omnipresent on his earlier projects, including Thursday and House Balloons

Take a look at the five things we've learned when we first listened to The Weeknd's new EP, My Dear Melancholy

The Weeknd Bares It All on the Intro for “Call Out My Name”

From the onset, The Weeknd exits from the pop-centric bubble he's occupied for the last several years and returns to his dark and ominous lane on “Call Out My Name.” It's evident that The Weeknd is still carrying the scars from his breakup with pop darling Selena Gomez, as he desperately seeks solace. “We found each other/ I helped you out a broken place/ You gave me comfort/ But falling for you was my mistake,” he belts. Despite watching the relationship wither into oblivion, Abel refuses to chuck deuces to his loved one.

He Brought the 'Balloons' Vibes Back

For years, avid fans The Weeknd have salivated for the singer to return to his roots. As promised, Abel axes his “Starboy” image and dips back into his somber, pill-popping persona which emanated from his 2011 opus, House Balloons. The drug-laden references and sex-filled innuendos that were ubiquitous on the aforementioned project creak in on his latest endeavor, most notably on the outro, “Privilege.” “And I'ma fuck the pain away, and I know I'll be okay/ They said our love is just a game, I don't care what they say/ But I'ma drink the pain away, I'll be back to my old ways/ And I got two red pills to take the blues away.”

He Isn't Here for Relationships

The R&B Lothario isn't seeking romance this time around. Wounded after his last relationship, The Weeknd is only seeking late night thrills. His lecherous coos are intentional. His lyrics are downright in-your-face and brutally honest. Tracks like “Hurt You” convey his current head-space, as he admits that he's simply not in the mood for anything long-term. “I Was Never There” perhaps serves as the best track to explain his state–mind at the moment: “His happiness is never real/ And mindless sex is how he feels ,” he sings. Talk about being numb to it all.

He Taps Kanye's Buddy Gesaffelstein for Assistance

The lone appearance on My Dear Melancholy came courtesy techno savant Gesaffelstein. The French producer's name might ring a bell to Kanye West enthusiasts who reveled in the ambitious attempt made by Yeezy on his 2013 album, Yeezus, as he produced “Black Skinhead” and “Send It Up.” On, My Dear Melancholy, the renowned talent sprays a bit color on the second half the mucky “I Was Never There.” Then, he returns on the next track “Hurt You” and adds depth to The Weeknd's lustrous vocals with his bright-sounding synths. 

He Kept the Ride Pretty Short

When The Weeknd first teased fans on Wednesday night (March 28) about his forthcoming endeavor, everyone gasped at the sheer thought him unveiling a new album. Despite The Weeknd only delivering a six-track EP, he provided a hearty project with marquee names on the production side including Mike WiLL Made-It, Skrillex Frank Dukes and Gesaffelstein.