The Weeknd kicked the rumor mill into overdrive this week after he posted a mysterious text message exchange suggesting that he has a new project on the horizon. On Thursday (March 29), The Weeknd answered prayers and shared another cryptic post, this time confirming the news and sharing the ficial cover art. 

The Weeknd's new project (album? EP? mixtape? playlist?) is called My Dear Melancholy. After sources told Billboard that “Abel is taking it back to his roots,” the gloomy cover art suggests that the “roots” he's returning to might be the dark, nocturnal R&B vibe the singer's debut mixtape, House Balloons. On the artwork, Abel's face is partially obscured by a dark shadow and he posted the photo with the succinct caption “tonight.”

Yes, Abel is dropping the follow-up to 2016's Starboy at midnight. The reclusive singer has been building up anticipation for the release over the past few weeks by posting grainy visuals him in a studio. While he did, in fact, confirm the new project, Abel is still leaving the track list for My Dear Melancholy a surprise until the ficial release tonight. 

In tandem with the new album, The Weeknd could possibly be dropping a music video for one his new songs, as he was recently spotted in California shooting a video, according to TMZ

Check out the cover art for The Weeknd's My Dear Melancholy below.