Megan Thee Stallion’s debut album has finally arrived.

Since she announced the album a few weeks ago, the music world has held its breath in anticipation. As a result, a lot of great music has gone unnoticed. While SAINt JHN and Meg will undoubtedly tear up the charts this week, here are other great releases from lesser-known artists that deserve just as much attention.

POP: Euphoric Sad Songs by RAYE

The captivating British singer/songwriter has possesses an uncanny ear for melody. She was shortlisted for the BBC Music Sound Of…award for 2017 and earned third place; and over the last year has been featured alongside an eclectic mix of artists. She glided alongside alt artist Odsuni with breezy confidence on 2019’s hit “Tipsy” and went on to dabble in deep house, pop and even synth-rock. On her fifth EP, Euphoric Sad Songs, she reigns it all in for a collection of bright and multifaceted pop tracks.

RAP: Underrated by Lil Eazzyy

At just 18, Lil Eazzyy has quickly carved out a space for himself among the crowded Chicago drill scene. A raw story teller, Lil Eazzyy’s moniker started to generate buzz with songs like “Onna Come Up,” a springy two-minute freestyle that was surprisingly littered with detailed street anecdotes and unique bravado. “Blue tips in the 40, it fuck up his mental, we put him on TV, like he Jimmy Kimmel, My n***** some refs, we’ll attack like a whistle.” For such a young emcee, the track had a surprising amount of personality and now has been streamed over 22 million times.

The emcee officially announces his arrival with Underrated, a streamlined collection of detailed street narratives that move with buoyancy. The project delves deeper into Eazzyy’s untapped talent as a storyteller. On “Feeling Different,” Eazzyy speaks candidly on the riff’s in his community caused by fame and the paranoia that notoriety brings. On “For33,” Eazzyy sings mournfully for the friends he’s lost over a soulful guitar, showcasing the young emcee as a versatile and severely “underrated” talent.

R&B: The Night Before The Morning After by 11:11

Toronto crooner 11:11 has been making steady waves in his city since 2016 with his smooth contemporary R&B. His double EP, The Night Before The Morning After, released last week, is a refined collection of lustful bedroom bops. Exploring both a promiscuous late-night escapade in the city and a flirtatious morning after, 11:11’s silky R&B will scratch the itch for those looking to soundtrack a late-night drive.

R&B: “Pick Up Your Feelings” by Jazmine Sullivan

R&B songstress Jazmine Sullivan is sick of all the moping and whining of 2020. On “Pick Up Your Feelings,” Sullivan brings a massive amount of swagger as she warbles and rolls her eyes at insecure men. A respected R&B icon, her latest single is as wavy as any of today’s contemporary R&B while still maintaining an old school flair.

METAL: “Brick Wall” by A Day To Remember

Amalgamative pop-punk metalcore outfit A Day To Remember have all but mastered their niche melding of pop melodies with hardcore music. Their sixth album, Bad Vibrations, was their heaviest release ever and received critical acclaim across the board. While the band’s latest singles off their upcoming seventh record, You’re Welcome, have leaned more into commercial pop-rock, they returned today with “Brick Wall,” a satisfyingly grungy record that steps away from the clean sound of the last three records.

METAL: “The Purge” by Within Temptation

Gothic metal icons Within Temptation are gearing up to release their eighth studio album, and from the sound of their latest single, “The Purge,” it’s shaping up to be another impressive balance of EDM and metal as showcased by 2019’s Resist. “The Purge” is a harrowing, almost angelic track, as the band’s metal and electronic fusion is uplifted even further by a haunting orchestral score. Known as the band that defies genres, Within Temptation still remains at the top of their game.

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