The Texas-Rap scene is shining everyday with new talents that need shoutouts for their unorthodox approaches to Hip-Hop. Sage Suede, a rapper who represents a new wave of modern fusion of spoken word and EDM, is one to have a closer look at. 

Last month Sage Suede dropped a unique music video for a track entitled ‘Masterpiece,’ and now he’s spoiling fans with even more imaginative music video for his latest single, ‘Sizzle Dee Sipper,’ as its making a buzz around his upcoming LP, THICC JUICY BASS. 

On ‘Sizzle Dee Sipper,’ the Austin-based singer-producer is exposing his versatility as an artist who can deliver strong and juicy flow, and at the same time is not afraid of exposing his emotions and vulnerability. The ultramodern beat filled with synths and drops perfectly matches to the music video that channels the vibe of futuristic aesthetics.