Hip-hop is undoubtedly the most popular genre of the 21st century, and because there is too much hype around it, sometimes artists fear to experiment or come up with new sounds. Thus, sometimes hip-hop becomes boring to the genre’s nerds and those who listen to it constantly. It is even safe to say that nothing really innovative happened in hip-hop for a very long time. Yes, we have the old school and the new school, and there mumble artists, but usually, no one risks going beyond those. Rapper-songwriter Tae UMG‘s latest release, “On My Own,” is an empowering challenge to the industry.  

The track is a collaboration with talented creator Tyblee. The artists remind us how hip-hop sounded back in the ’80s and ’90s, and they also do not fear adding their own touch and spicy up the music and beats. The sincerity and straightforwardness of the lyrics make the release even more urban spirited. Tae UMG will make you believe in a more colorful and diverse future of hip-hop.