Producer-songwriter Sumen recently released six magnificent songs, on which he showcased himself as an artist full of imagination, bringing fresh life and color to his well-thumbed catalog of music. The songs gently sway, groove and swing, but for the most part, they highlight Sumen’s understated playing, vision and timeless artistry. The tight rhythms and variations he offers on this exclusive selection of songs helps him explore each song’s possibilities to the fullest, and creative inventive blends few artists offer nowadays.

The 6 piece tracklist explores the different facets of rock, blues, and rockabilly with Sumen’s undeniable swag and upbeat creations. And while all of the songs are equally pleasing to our ears, astute listeners might at this point be tempted to hit the repeat button and return to the smooth, “Let It Roll,” his latest release, which gets the job done by making his spirit soar of tranquility and hope.