Boston rapper Skaa is back spitting more hot fire in his latest singleKilimanjaro”.

Skaa is originally from the Philippines. He traveled halfway around the world, to the home of the Celtics, to take his Rap career to the next Level. Lucky for us, he didn’t come empty-handed. Skaa brought along his passion for the craft, his unique take on music, and a fully loaded clip of rhymes.

The move to Boston did Skaa some good. Since landing in the States, the rapper has released track after track, each one better than the last. His latest single “Kilimanjaro” proves solid bars are not going anywhere. Contrary to the 2018 XXL freshman list which put “mumble rappers” in the spotlight, Skaa is one of the rappers who chose to stick to the fundamentals of rap. “Kilimanjaro” is more of a freestyle than anything else. The Boston rapper rides the silky smooth “filtered out” melody and comes through with some clever metaphors detailing his place in the rap game and where he plans on taking it.

Skaa is a rapper out here spitting facts, and as he says on “Kilimanjaro”, we oughta listen. For more on Skaa be sure to follow him on Instagram.