Sa’ra Charismata is a Swedish singer and songwriter and she just released her irresistibly charismatic new pop power anthem “Hypocrites”. It is worth noticing that the young singer is releasing her music through her own independent, self-started label Ball N Dress.

Sa’ra Charismata describes her own music as a “Protest Pop” and  “Hypocrites”  is an empowering anthem that will make anyone who listens to it feel strong and powerful. In these difficult times of protests and riots in different places around the globe, it is the only rightful protest which makes a revolution in your own mind, making you believe in yourself and the powers you have.

The music video to this song may somehow remind some people of Kanye West’s Fade, starring the amazing Teyana Taylor. Similarly to that video, in  “Hypocrites”  Sa’ra Charismata is showing all her strength, as well as sexual and feminine power and you won’t call it mainstream in any way!

The world needs more music like this, so we hope that this artist will please us soon with new songs and music videos.

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