Russell Simmons is demanding a trial by jury after fervently denying one the rape allegations against him. He says the young woman’s accusation is just a way to get paid.

TMZ reports that the media mogul and Jennifer Jarosik had a consensual, occasionally sexual relationship for 10 years.

In legal docs obtained by the site, “Jarosik frequently sent him loving messages and unsolicited nude photos — including just weeks after the alleged 2016 rape and long after another 2011 sexual assault he claims she’s publicly accused him .”

Jarosik claims that Simmons “propositioned” her for sex two years ago, to which she refused. Simmons allegedly jumped on top her on the bed, hit her in the head and then took advantage her.

Elsewhere in the docs, the courts conclude that Jarosik has a “propensity to exaggerate” and also reportedly suffers from “untreated mental health issues.” Her lawyer Perry C. Wander says that she is “a loving mother and a good parent and her parenting abilities have no relevance in this matter.”

16 women in total have accused Russell Simmons sexual misconduct. He maintains his innocence, stating that he would “never hurt anybody.”

This article was originally published by Vibe.