[With her new “Numb” and “Show Me” singles heating up everyone’s spring, R&B singer Coline Creuzot tells SOHH what fans can expect from the anthems’ upcoming music videos.]

For “Truth Is,” I really wanted to go back to that 90’s-feel kind of video where there were dance videos.

Back in the day, you wanted to sit in front of the TV and learn all of the moves and try to mimic it. That’s what we really tried to do with “Truth Is.” We wanted to have a good time and not do a storyline but make it a fun dance video.

“Show Me” is going to be kind of similar to that. It’s going to be dance and fun. “Numb” is going to be more storyline-based and we’re gearing up to shoot both of those videos this month. I’m super excited.

We’re working with the same girl who did the “Truth Is” music video for these two new ones. I’m living in Los Angeles so we’re going to shoot them here.

*“Show Me,” an upbeat, playful track co-written by Sam Hook, and “Numb,” a laid-back, smooth ballad, both penned by Creuzot, are immediately available on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, and Google Play.

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