Nashville-based r&b artist Gabriela is releasing a critically acclaimed debut single titled “Grow Up.” She addressed her partner on this song, demanding him to be more aware, understanding, and ready to evolve at the same pace as her. Gabriela is ambitious and driven, and her charisma and aura shine throughout this beautiful song she seems to have put all her heart in. A music passionate since her youngest age, Gabriela has music running deep in her veins, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see her in the very small circle of r&b-pop icons in the coming years. She is all about getting rid of bad habits and in turn, asks for the same motivation from her partner and friends, as she goes through that time in life when one decides who to keep and who to let go within their closest entourage. 

Until now, it seems like she is making all the right choices and putting all the needed hard work to make it to the top, so stay tuned for her next move!