If you ever questioned the possibility of shaking robot rock, clubbing beats, classical echoes, and acoustic lullabies in the same pot, RADIORGASMO, with their new release, “Joker,” came to share their secret recipe. These Italo Berliners do not only “reform the system through art”; they reform art itself, and “Joker” is undeniable proof for that. 

The spirit of revolution shines bright and vivid in every lyric of every verse, in every chord, every sound, and every breath the crazy freedom dreamers take. “Joker” brings wild and free back to music; it awakens the higher consciousness we never knew we could reach. The song goes beyond boundaries, labels, politics, art, and music. It reaches the state of absolute liberation from any norm and rule.

Even the newly released black and white video for the song screams about change. It is not afraid to break some cinematic rules or appear amateur. The band is ready to face what it takes to share their message, and that message is literally written all over the video. The shots of protest posters with strong statements, the vibe of anarchy raising against injustice, and the band with Joker makeup make so much sense and yet raise moral dissonance of values. Art has to be liberated from doubts, because the truth is above all. 

Along their path towards liberation, RADIOGASMO revolutionizes music. “Joker”powerfully mirrors the band’s quest to reach musical orgasms and be unapologetic about society. It creates its own atmospheric genre filled with unexpected epic chord progressions, divine harmonies, and energy sparking mass emotions among and beyond the conscious. The music comes from the soul and breaks right into the soul; the rebellious lyrics challenge the mind; the band reincarnates the revolution trapped inside of us. 

“Joker” is a confluence of energies between alternative, indie, psychedelic, rock, and experimental music, but it goes far beyond those labels. RADIORGASMO will awaken the hidden rebel inside your soul. With “Joker,” they will help you reach your core and find your wild nature. They want you to cherish it because that is what makes you unique, that is how and why you don’t fit into the system, and the only value capable of changing the system. Meanwhile, they do not fit in any system and manifest the dream of freedom with the “Joker,” a song that will shake your world for good.